Old Slavonic – Greek / Latin Dictionary

a database by GVB based on LEXICON PALAEOSLOVENICO-GRAECO-LATINUM by Fr. Miklosich, 1865 edition

Software features

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How to Search

The database is very simple to use. There are two fields to enter search terms, as well as some options.

In the first field you can enter a search-string to search the main entry (Old Slavonic word). It has to be an Old Slavonic word ( or a part of it). Since old slavonic and cyrillic overlap a great deal, you can use standard cyrillic (same letters, different design) to type a search request. An onscreen keyboard is provided for this purpose, so that you do not have to hunt for them around the keyboard. For the letters not present in standard cyrillic, you should type the letter code from the provided table. Hover over icon, on the right side of the search form, to see the code table. Latin letters that can be converted to cyrillic, can be used too. They will be converted to cyrillic by software. Any combination of these is acceptable.

In the second field you can enter a search-string to search the lexical definition. The lexical definition can contain Latin, Greek, Old slavonic as well as some other languages written using latin alphabet. The search term should by typed using appropriate alphabet. No letter conversions are performed when using this field. An on-screen keyboard is provided for this field too. You can choose between Cyrillic an Greek alphabets.

When the search was performed in the definition field, the text that is a match is highlighted yellow.

You can enter search terms in either or both fields.


When the search button is clicked, the search is performed and the results are shown in a table, 30 words per page. Use pagination menu at the bottom of the page to navigate result pages.

To see the lexical definition of a word, click the word. The screen with lexical definition is displayed. To return to search results page click browswer's back button or use the link provided.

Capability to search the main entry and lexical definition simultaneously presents interesting possibilities. For instance, you can find all Old Slavonic words starting with 'да', which have a slovenian translation rooted in Old Slavonic, by typing an abbreviation for Slovenian language 'nsl.' (Neuslovenisch, as defined by Fr. Miklosic) in lexical definition field, and performing the search.

Abbreviations and sources

Below lexical definition, a list of abbreviations and their definitions is displayed. These were taken from the Compendia of the dictionary. However, some modifications were made. In original version, some abbreviations are not unique. Two or even three different definitions have the same abbreviation. The change was made by adding "_1", "_2" ... at the end of these, and all are displayed under the word, without trying to determine which one is correct.
Furthermore, some abbreviations used in lexical definitions, were not defined in Compendia. We have marked these with ”[Undefined by Fr. Miklosic]” in the definition field.
In some cases these 'new' abbreviations point to the same source as another abbreviation that was defined in Compendia. In such case, all abbreviations pointing to the same source are listed in the first column of the abbreviations table. The abbreviation that exists in Compendia is on the first line and in bold print.

If you know what some of these undefined abbreviations mean, or have comments regarding their accuracy, please let us know and we will make changes in the database, if we think that they are appropriate. Use email address at the bottom of the page.

Contact email: lexicon.paleoslovenico@gmail.com